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Of course, there are two sides to all of this. More casual players in 2K24 weren't as against the feature because it meant that players who were simply really good at dribbling couldn't decimate their defense every possession. Regardless of where you come down on the issue for NBA 2K24, it's safe to say that we need to actually see what the game has to offer in terms of new gameplay additions before we can really judge. 2K hasn't given us a roadmap of when to expect new gameplay features to be announced, but hopefully NBA 2K24 MT, it's sooner rather than later.

NBA 2K24 has finally revealed all of the covers players can expect when the game launches on September 8 for PlayStation, Switch, Xbox, and PC platforms. Alongside that info, we also know what all the pre-order bonuses will be, and like most years, it's going to be a dizzying amount of content. It can be a bit tough to keep it all straight, so we've collected every edition and what comes with it for you below. Whether you're buying NBA 2K24's base edition or the massive 25th Anniversary Edition, there's going to be something for you.

This is the standard edition of the game and currently isn't listed to come with any special bonuses. 2K Sports may add a few pre-order bonuses to the package, but for now, the only way to have rewards waiting on you when you first boot up 2K24 is to play through the challenges on NBA 2K24 MyTeam. It will cost $59.99 on PS4, Nintendo Switch, PC, and Xbox One and $69.99 on PS5 and Xbox Series X/S.This edition features WNBA All-Star Sabrina Ionescu on the cover. It's a Gamestop exclusive that's only available in the U.S. and Canada. Otherwise, it seems to be identical to the Kobe Bryant Edition.

This edition also has Kobe on the cover but includes several bonus items for both MyTeam and MyCareer. Purchasing this edition nets you 100,000 Virtual Currency for both modes. MyTeam players will have "15,000 MyTeam Points, an all-new 2K24 Option Pack Box, one 10-pack Box MyTeam Promo Packs, a Kobe Bryant Cover Star Saphhire Card (24 era), one Diamond Show, one Ruby Coach, and a new 2-hour Double XP Coin. MyCareer players will get "10x 6 types of MyCareer Skill Boosts, 10x 3 types of Gatorade Boosts Buy 2K24 MT, a 2-hour double XP Coin, 4 x MyCareer T-shirts," as well as a Backpack, Electric Skateboard, and set of Arm Sleeves.

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