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Its original Madden box art almost demanded to get the 3D treatment.

The announcement by EA was headlined that the game would be released "at Nintendo 3DS launch Mut 24 coins," the statement from the publisher included numerous references of the game's launch "in the first second quarter in 2022." The 3DS will launch with Japan in February and US and European release dates to be announced in March. At the time of publication, EA had not returned MMOexp's inquiry for clarification.

In addition to the traditional 11-on-11 game, Madden NFL Football on the 3DS will include five-on-5 and season modes. Players will also be being able to tailor games to suit their specific level of skill by using classic arcade as well as GameFlow game calling (introduced during this year's multi-platform Madden NFL 24). It will permit players to draw their own play plans on the 3DS's touchscreen. It is currently being created by EA North Carolina in Raleigh from EA North Carolina.

When it is released, Madden NFL Football will be the first entry in the series on the Nintendo portable console since Madden NFL 24. In 2022, the game was released on the DS, Madden NFL 24 featured the then-recently removed (and the day after, non-retired) football player Brett Favre in the game's cover.

The football fever of gamers was evident in September. In September, the NPD Group reported September industry sales figures for the United States today, revealing Madden NFL 24 as the month's top-selling game. The sales of the game rose 11 percent compared to the previous year's version. Madden was able to surpass the competitors in September.

Another high-performing game in September is Borderlands 2. It landed in the second place for the month and beat the sales of the first month of the first Borderlands in 234 per cent. The exact figures for sales were not disclosed.

In the end, all sales of software decreased by 14 percent over the last year. NPD Analyst Liam Callahan attributed this downturn to a more robust slate of new releases that came out at the same time last year, which comprised Gears of War 3 and Dead Island buy madden 24 coins.


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