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FSX Steam Edition: Air Hauler 2 Add-On Review

If you are a fan of flight simulation games, you might have heard of Microsoft Flight Simulator X: Steam Edition, or FSX for short. FSX is a realistic and immersive flight simulator that lets you fly various aircraft in different scenarios and locations. But what if you want to add more depth and challenge to your flying experience? What if you want to run your own freight and passenger company, manage your finances, hire pilots, trade commodities, and compete with other airlines? That's where Air Hauler 2 comes in.

Air Hauler 2 is an add-on for FSX that puts you in complete control of your own aviation empire. You can start from scratch or use your existing FSX career to create your company. You can choose to fly the jobs yourself or hire AI pilots to do them for you. You can buy or lease aircraft, fuel, repairs, and insurance. You can also set up your own routes and schedules, or accept jobs from a global job board. You can even create or join a virtual airline and cooperate with other players online.

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Air Hauler 2 is not just a simple add-on, it's a whole new game within FSX. It adds a lot of features and options that make FSX more fun and challenging. Some of the features include:

  • In-flight menu system you can manage your company and accept jobs without leaving FSX.

  • Cargo jobs more variety, better paid jobs, and faster generation than in the original Air Hauler.

  • Passenger operations you can fly single passenger jobs or set up regular routes and schedules for your airline.

  • Missions you can take missions from new contacts you meet as you travel to new airports and destinations.

  • Virtual Airlines you can create or join a virtual airline and recruit other players to fly for you.

  • Humanitarian missions you can respond to real-world disasters by delivering relief supplies to local airports.

  • New AI pilot skills system you can train your AI pilots in different skills that improve their performance and efficiency.

  • Trade commodities you can buy and sell commodities at different airports and make a profit.

  • Manufacturing plants you can set up factories at your bases and produce parts for more valuable commodities.

  • Real-world weather conditions you can choose to fly with real-world weather data for added realism and challenge.

  • Real-world fuel prices the price of fuel in Air Hauler 2 varies with the real-world price of aviation fuel.

Air Hauler 2 is a must-have add-on for any FSX enthusiast who wants to take their flying experience to the next level. It adds a lot of depth and replay value to FSX, and it's very customizable and flexible. You can play it as casually or as seriously as you want, and you can set your own goals and challenges. Whether you want to fly cargo, passengers, missions, or just explore the world, Air Hauler 2 will keep you entertained for hours.

If you are interested in buying Air Hauler 2, you can find it on [Steam] or on [Just Flight]. You will need the base game Microsoft Flight Simulator X: Steam Edition to play it. You can also watch some gameplay videos on [YouTube] to see it in action.

Happy flying!


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